get peppy.!

hey girls! thanks for all the wonderful comments yesterday and ideas about new eats, KEEP THEM COMMIN! im finding all this experimenting is making getting cals easier which is always a plus+

last night i made these stuffed green peppers, they were the bommbb!! i remember my mom always making them pre-ed and havent had them in almost a yr. i forgot how good they are! it was a green pepper with brown rice, morningstar ground crumbles, LC cheese, tomato sauce, and spices! i also had a salad w/ almonds and dressing. it felt awesome to get out and eat some different foods. tonight i dk what im trying, maybe sweet potato?!? you’all gave me some great ideas with those babys!


after that dinn i had an awesome slumber last night, crazy dreams though (thank you prozac!). anyways lol i woke up and ate a typical cereal/yogurt mess breakie and ventured out to LA FIT! there were some old ladies in the pool since the hot tub was broken lol they talked to me before my swim, they are so cute! i love little old ladies, esp in like flowery gma bathing suits lol. anywho i swam some awesome laps, not as much since i lowered my cals (im a smart girl:)). then got out showered and got ready for my day! i came home and ate a super fast lunch and took off the my T appointment. went well, nothing really new….idk how much she is helping me since im doing this SO much on my own. i told her about my blog today though and was like honestly, the people on there probably help me the most. but it’s understandable, right?

new DVF shirt!! woo

oh ps, sorry about the sad face! i was probably thinking how messy my room looks. lol which i cleaned once i got home from T! well i hope you’all have an awesome friday. im gonna watch US kick some butt in hockey tonight against Canada, sorry Canada bloggies!!! lol im lovin’ me some olympics though, Shaun whiteee<333 ah. ok HAVE A GREAT DAY xoxoxo


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new eats/clothes

blogettes!!! :) sorry i went MIA. ive been have been pretty busy the last couple days.

today i woke up super early for work i had to leave my house at 830, eeek! so early for me. lol i shoved some oats down my mouth and followed by a protein shake for the road, course. work was pretty gooddd kinda slow but i totally got brownie points with the manager. my coustmer i was working with told him i should get a raise, ;) scoreee. she came in to buy a pair of true religion jeans, lady walked out with 2 pairs of true religions, 1 pair of seven jeans and a LAMB purse with a matching wallet, can you say 800$ sale! HOLLLAA. im not on commission though, so hopefully a raise is in my future haha. jk i like my job and i dont expect anything i dont deserve.

protein shake! (banana, coconut, vanilla whey protein=best balance of carbs and protein)

after work i had my nutritionist apt at 3 and i got off work at 2. my nutritionist is literally like 3 minutes from my work so i hung out for a little bit after work and shopped. i totally scored a diane vonfurstenberger shirt for 28$!!! originally 365$!!! i feel so dirty, that cant be legal! haha it’s a really cute tank with classy looking sequence (not like the trashy kind!) lol. nutritionist went well… i told her how im kindof maintaining with my cals aroud 2000 just because im not mentally ready to gain a lot right now but by no means am i relapsing. im really working on experimenting with food and getting out of like ED foods. shes supportive but she said she cant let me loose any weight, which is fine with me! even though i lost .2 of a kg from last time….but she said it could be a fluctionation. i go next week so it’s all good.

CHEESECAKE! i got this idea from kristi at hersweetcheeks.. it was 1/2 c cottage cheese, 1/2 banana, cinnamon, and a tiny bit of milk all in a blender. i put it in the fridge for like 4 hours then freezer for 30 minutes before i ate it... iT WAS SO GOOD! YOU MUST TRY THIS :0)

tonight im def looking forward to some housewives of OC! lol my dad hates that my mom and i watch it but it’s so entertaining. i hope you’all are having a fabulous thursday!!

cute egg in the microwave! i forget when i ate this. but it was devine

1. what new experiment should i try next??



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best thing to do in a blizzard…

bird feeder in the blizzard! soo pretty.

PLAN A TRIP TO THE BEACH!!! :) this morning my friend and i got our hotel and plane tickets down to florida in about a month. im so excitiedddd! my sweet dad is letting us use his marriott hotel points so were getting a free hotel for the weeek so all we have to pay for is our flight, rental car, food, and other activitesss! im sooo stoaked. im sure you’all will here more about it in the up comming weeks. lol

anywaysss, thank you all once again for all your support. i know the last couple posts were kind of a downer but i really bounced back so quick after reading all your supporting comments. it’s funny how much it can make a difference! you all are the besttt

ill tryyy not to bore you all with my typical eats again lol but after breakfast i walked on the treadmill 2 miles and did some abs, good stufff! then planned my vaca which took a while to get the best deals haha but its totally worth it. i ate another typical but awesome lunch of a turkey wrap, carrots, hummus and apple w/ AB. i got this new hummus atkenos id never tried it but it’s so much better than sabaro i think! idk maybe i was just craving hummus? lol but delishh.


so ill fill you in a little on my valentines day. absolutely nothing speacial lol i worked from 1 – 630 which actually went pretty fast we were super busy. i thought it was so funny how many people waited til valentines DAY to get a gift for their hubby. people are slackin these days! some guy was like “would you wear this” about some shirt and i was like uhh yea? hes like okay good you look like my wife so i wanted to make sure she would like it. it was so random, but ok! i just went with it. my momma is so cool , she got me a valentines card and the kelly cotron book! i love KELLY! her new show is awesome ‘kell on earth’ lol she is such a power girl, i idolize her!

PM SNACK, surprising amazing 10/10

tonight looks like a yummy dinner, dk what yet tho lol maybe ill look on some blogs and get some ideas:). then kell on earth is on and kardashians!! right now the hot tub is lookin pretty good, whose with me? haha! have a great monday lovies

any ideas for my dinner tonight???


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new realizations.

hey girls! thank you all so so much for your comments on my last post. i know it was kinda a downer but you all made me feel like it is ok to show my emotions to people even if i know it might hurt them to see me so down.

today ED was reallyyy getting to me. i didnt have enough time to swim before therapy so he was like “okay, amy eat 1/2 your morning snack!” but i ate 3/4. then he was like fine no eating lunch, your moms not home she’ll never know just lie and said you already ate it! but i know no i cant do that. so i ate lunch, which was really good actually. but ED got so mad and was just ripping me apart i broke down again and cried. my mom of course was there to console me. i figured one thing out though, whenver AMY is winning the battle i cry because Ed hates hates hates that! but when Ed is winning the battle i dont cry because AMY is such a nice girl i forgive him and said i know what your doing is wrong but it’s ok ill get u next time. so now that ive been winning = amy crying! it’s so frusurating…. it’s like im crying when im suppose to do the right thing and im not crying when im doing the wrong thing? it’s so confusing.

awesome lunch!

anywaysss , getting on with everything else in life! yesterday while at work i found out on of my favorite designers committed suicide!! i was so sad…. RIP alexander mcqueen. his fashion was always so sophiscated yet fun. the piece at our store are going to be marked up so much now, some of it is reallly cute but like 500$!


the other night i made these AWESOME “french fries”. you have to try them!! just chop up a potato in slices dunk it egg whites sprinkle with salt or seasoning then put in oven for 23 minutes on 400 degrees. they are sooooo good!! i ate them so fast i couldnt snap a pic :( lol thats how good they were. i think i might make them again tonight with a cottage cheese mess which i saw on Katie’s blog! tonight is just going to be a chill friday night like typical. i work tmr really early and i work sunday! make moneyyyy, woohhhooo!! i hope you all have a great friday night and a great rest of your weekend!!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH

1 . whats your favorite dinner recipe??

2. any exciting plans for the weekend??


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wHine and dine.

hey girls! thanks for all the comments on my last post, its really encouraging to hear other peoples stores and success with beating ED. you’all are so helpful:)

today i woke up feeling a little down after a big blow up last night. it just seems like i end up crying every day…i really try to ‘fake’ it and be happy but sometimes it just makes it worse. so anyways i woke up and ate a typical breakfast and sat on my computer reading blogs but not feeeling well enough to comment on any. i was just so unmotivated to do anything! maybe it’s the insane amount of snow outside right now? who knows. but anyways i got up and decided to go swim, it’s the only place i wanted to be. i swam a great meditative 30 laps. i felt so so much better after this, and i ate my morning snack (KiND bar) which was going to be kind of difficult but i did it! after my swim i was still not like happy but not sad. i came home and cleaned my bathroom, which also made me feel much better since it was in desperate need of some attention. i ate anoother typical lunch.. maybe im in a food rut? idk ..

okay, well make this post a little happier! lol i went to the store the other day and picked up some of these chicken santa fe things. im thinking about having that tonight for dinner and pairing it with some brown rice and veggies?? sounds good:) tonight is going to consist of some idol and probably more trash tv! lol guilty pleasure. and of course my protein banana coconut shake that ive been having everynight now. coconut jsut like makes it pop, yummm!! tmr i have to work super early, blahhh. but it’s like my only day this entire week until the weekend bc my managers like cutting all our hours. well i hope youall had a great HUMP DAYYYY!!! love youuu



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chocolatey dreams

happy monday girls! i hope you all had a great weekend:) thanks for all your awesome comments, seriously they make my day!!

this weekend was pretty fun, saturday i went to see dear john with my friend. it was a really cute movie! i wish it would have ended differently, but i wont spoil it for you all, you’ll have to tell me what you think! one thing i did love about it, channing tatum…omg he is soo hot. i surprisingly got hungry during the movie (idk if i have said this on my blog yet but i am NEVER hungry, it’s so annoying!) luckly i brought a PB and J just in case and i ended up eating it about half way through the movie, def hit the spot! later that day i just did some tanning [i know i know:(] and walked on the dread mill for 45 min followed by some arm/ab work. it was wonderful!


sunday i woke up and did some awesome AM YOGAA! ate a biggg bowl of DCD and oats with strawberries and yogurt/cottage cheese mess. i got ready for work kind of unhappy that i had to work on super bowl sundayy :( but it’s okay i got over it. on the way to work i drank my protein shake which was delishh, of course. lunch at work was a typical turkey sandwich on ww bread, yogurt and giant apple. i got home finally around 7 just for the start of the second quarter of the super bowl and the colts were up 10-0!! yayyy. but then the saints ended up winning :(. i was happy for them, even though im a HUGE colts fan. kim k and her man had a good night im sure ;-) lol i love her.i had another break down last night… my mom helped me a lot but it’s just difficult getting used to my new body i only have about 10ish lbs left to gain but im feeling like i look healthy enough and i should just stop now… does anyone else ever feel like that? it’s hard to just continue on. i think i discovered that sometimes when i dont feel “deserving” it causes me not to eat like if i didnt earn the food….it’s so weird, i know…anyways i went to sleep and woke up today with a fresh outlook thanks to my mom, idk what i would do w/out her…


i woke up today at 930 and enjoyed an awesome bowl of oats w/ DCD and dark chocolate almonds <- my new obsession! seriously so good. idk why ive been having such a dark chocolate craving lately? weird. i went to LA and swam an awesome 30 laps. idk if the oatmeal before the swim is going to happen again though, i kinda felt like i was sinking lol not goooood. but i got through my little work out! im so tired now though ahh. i came home and ate a KiND bar my second obsession. lol

love it

do you ever feel stuck with things in your life, recovery or anything else? like your in a good spot and dont need to push on?


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tug of war.

hey!! ahh ive had a crazy past couple days. sorry for the lack of posting :(. my safari on my mac wasnt working yesterday so i spent like 5 hours in the morning talking to the geek squad (lol) at mac trying to figure out was was upppp! finally got it i guess i hadnt like updated my computer enough so it wasnt happy with me? whatever were all good now.

breif recap of wed/thus= wed was chilllaxed. woke up and swam again, 28 laps!! i have like a little routine now, its fun! i definitely take it easy though lol. i dont even remember what i did the rest of the day? i think i just facebook chatted my lovlies and hung out. i watch the teen mom with dr drew speacial and celebrity rehab. lol my night was full of dr drew? i dont really know if i think hes a good therapist but the shows are always interesting! wednesdays feature food def was my Siggi’s, id only had vanille before and it wasnt that good like reallyyyy thick and not that much vanilla flavor but blueberry was delishhhh.<33


thursday i woke up and didnt have much to do before work so i went tanningggg, i burnt my belly. lol fail. but it felt awesome and i also did my AM yoga!! so fun. it felt good. before work i ate a morningstar farms tomato basil burger, it was sooo good! my mom even walked in the kitchen and was like it smells so good in here! (she usually doesnt like my “fake meat”) lol but she tried it and is totally convinced! im def going to buy that again. at work it was really slow so the girls and i just shopped basically. i found this juicy couture shirt for like 30$ i was like no wayyy!!! and after all my discounts i paid 15$ for it. it was orginally 80$. how does that happennn? i was in a great moood! i came home and made myself a huge dark chocolate dreams, strawberry sandwich!


todayyy i woke up and swam again, not as long because i had therapy at one. :-/ i hate when i have it in the middle of the day. it’s snowing though so i guess theres like nothing else to do! ok so getting to the title of this post, tug of war. my therpist and i talked about how ED and i are having a tug of war in my head and i need to learn to drop the reigns. it’s not neccessarly giving up on ED but just letting his thoughts pass through my head not letting them affect my actions but also not letting them effect my emotions. i really liked that analogy. it’s like both teams are still present but not one team is winning. they’re both just there, existing with each other. so hopefully over time ED will give up and walk out but for now he can hang out, but not fight me!! it’s exhaustingggg. clearly since when i came home i passed outtt haha im like a grandma i sware. my mom thinks sleeping in the day is healthy for me since im recoverying but i just feel like im 80 yrs old. lol today i had the best bar, KiND almonds and cashews. it’s only like 150 cals tho :( you gotta eat like 2 lol.


well i hope you guys have a great rest of your friday!! stay warm bloggies, love you’all!!


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