rainy dayss

HEY BLOGGGGGIES! once again, you all are amazing and im so thankful for all your comments on OIAJ! it’s funny how something as simple as plain oats, mixed in an (almost) empty nut jar can bring so many people together<33

so yesterday i woke up to my nurse care manager calling me about an appointment with my doctor! i had one scheduled for a week ago but it got cancled because of the snow so she said she could fit me in today. i was freaking out at first since it was at 230(not my usual time) and they would be weighing me later in the day. i was like itll looked like i gained 10 lbs because lunch is right before that blah blah blah. but then amy chimed in and decided it doesnt matter. im going to eat lunch either way and so what if its not a true weight? they know it’s later in the day and it wont change a thing.

so before my appointment i got in the highlight of my day– an awesome swim! once again old ladies in the pool. lol i just love them they’re so cute and so funny. seriously makes me day. when i came home i was like in desperate need of some protein so i had this awesome lil snack plate.

egg and protein south beach bar! (not so sure i like the ingredients in that bar :/ good thing i didnt look til after i ate it!)

the rest of the night just went as a usual monday filled with a taco dinner  and a chat with mom, then kell on earth! YAYY … another typical breakfast this morning followed by a more chilled at swim and my favorite bar ever!!!! and lots of bloggingggg,,yayyy

thinkHEALTHY bar! haha love thisss

i hope everyone has a great tuesday. tonight dont forget to catch some idol and girls figure skating !!!


please keep shelley (findinghappinessandhealth.wordpress.com) in your prayers!


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20 Responses to rainy dayss

  1. feetinmotion says:

    old ladies are soooo cute!! So are old men, in fact, old people in general are so cute!! I enjoy spending time with them because they have such interesting backgrounds and their life stories are always so cool.

  2. cat says:

    how many calories do you aim for? are you at a healthy bmi?jw

  3. Sara says:

    never tried those bars. I really do hate the name of the “think thin” bars, which kind of turns me off from buying them.

    enjoy your night girly,

  4. Jenna says:

    Glad you were able to calm down for your appr- I always hate when I get weighed at different times! Hang in there girl :)
    Jenna xo

  5. Lauren says:

    I love seeing the old ladies at my YMCA. Once I did a water aerobics class and it was hilarious! They are so cute, there was a 93 year old women doing it! Glad your appt went well!

  6. Danielle says:

    Love the “thinkhealthy” bar :D
    I’m glad you enjoyed your swim! I haven’t swam in YEARS- that needs to change pronto (when summer comes)

  7. Jennifer says:

    I tried a think thin (“healthy” love your name for it way better!) bar for the first time today and absolutely loved it! Mine was peanut butter flavored. It tasted just like a candy bar. I can’t wait to get more and try other flavors. I hope everything is going well with you, I just love hearing about your amazing buys of designer clothes. :)


  8. i want to buy that flavor of think bars. my friend used to work for them and got me t shirts and free bars lol. the whole getting weighed at diff times in the day really throws me off too!

  9. Glad you rationalized the weigh-in to yourself…I know it can be so stressful to get on the scale, but I’m proud of you for overcoming it! I’m with you on the SB bars. I used to love them, then I read the ingredients list…eek! Good thing there are so many great alternatives out there! Definitely give Clif Z-Bars a try if you haven’t!

  10. i think im the only person who doesnt think think thins taste good…at all. I have tried them 3 times and cannot handle those. glad you likey :)

  11. nattietan says:

    I don’t like getting weighed in the afternoon. It stresses me out so usually I opt for morning appointments if I can help it. I think you’ve dealt with it really well with the rationalising. I guess it’s important to remember that weight is simply a number and what’s most important is that we are healthy. With good health comes natural gorgeousness!!


  12. I always hated getting on the scale at any time other than first thing in the morning. It’s ridiculous how such a trivial thing can bring us so much stress though… it shouldn’t matter what the number is. All that matters is that we feel healthy. I’m glad you managed to think clearly through it :)

  13. I feel the same toward my doctor’s appointment Friday – it’s at 2:45 in the afternoon! Your post definitely helped ease my mind, thanks girl! -Kylee

  14. lowandbhold says:

    Glad you still made it to your appointment! I wish I could swim athletically, but I am terrible at it!

  15. kbwood says:

    oh man i am so jelous of those think HEALTHY bites! ive been dying to try them!!! i cannot swim at all-im TERRIBLE..seriously
    haha and that would be GOOD if you gained 10 pounds!!!

  16. Tori says:

    I guess ive never thought about being weighted at a different time effects the number… makes sense though.

  17. justjac says:

    Hey, your swim seshs sounds fun :D You should talk to them sometime… talking to old people can be amusing and fun lol..

    I love think “healthy” bars–I don’t think I’ve tried that flav though. But the toffee and choco one is really good, as is the cookies n creme. Hahah I love your “don’t know if i like the ingredients…good thing i read them after” bit. so true, so true ;)

  18. I wish I got to swim with old ladies! Hehe..

    I never really eat those fortified protein bars… I always see them in stores but they seem so chemical to me :/


  19. Tori says:

    I’ve never seen the think thin bars. I would never buy it though because the name alone would make me have to hide it from my mom…I’m not trying to ‘think thin’ at the moment

  20. I discovered those Think “Healthy” bars in the organic section of my grocery store a few months ago- and instantly fell in love! Hands down, some of the best nutrition bars I’ve had to date… white chocolate is my fav!

    I wonder if I’d get funny looks if I offered to buy the entire case of them the next time the grocery store gets a shipment of them? Couldn’t hurt to ask… lol

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